affirmation of faith using inclusive language

What we believe, responsive reading — by Jim Burklo, adapted

A Statement of Faith appropriate for Trinity Sunday, or any time. To be read responsively. God is Love. God is the cosmic creativity present everywhere and in everything. God gently urges all toward the good. To transcending Love, we raise our awestruck praise! Jesus embodied the Love that is God. Jesus loved the poor, the […]

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Litany of Love — Zach Ford, UK

‘We stand for…’, a Litany of Love We do not stand against, We stand for: Love, inclusion, life, and dignity, Offering a hand to those in need, Or a shoulder to those who weep. We do not stand against, We stand with: The fearful, the oppressed, The rebels and truth-tellers, Those who take action. We […]

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Affirmation of Faith for Complex Times – Red Crearte, Argentina

We believe in divine tenderness, which is no stranger to our anxieties, which is generously supportive in Jesus of Nazareth, a tireless walker to the directions that herald Life. We affirm our faith and renew our hopes in times of uncertainty, isolation, sickness and death, because we have heard the proclamation of those who have […]

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