Baptism, Christening, Naming, Dedication

Baptism – Christening – Naming  – Dedication What words do you use to explain the mystery of belonging? What words do we use to present our children to the truth of Love? To affirm their welcome by the One which cannot be named or known? To welcome them into the family of Love? Hymns and […]

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Baptism service activities — Ana Gobledale, UK

Baptism services often include several children in the congregation, and I want them to be involved and interested.  So, I often incorporate into the service a reflection/activity which includes group participation. I ask a group of volunteers, ideally children and youth, to come forward.  (The number of volunteers corresponds to the number of letters in […]

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Isaiah 61, Prayer — Christian Aid, UK

O Christ, you lived as an ordinary man not in style but simply, yet still you caused uproar, and questions everywhere; you drew the expectations of hungry crowds, and brought buried conflicts to the light. May we, who are sometimes swayed by the crowd’s approval, and who often avoid conflict for fear of its cost […]

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