Bible dramas

Acts 8 Drama, Philip & Ethiopian — Ana Gobledale, UK

The Holy Spirit propels Philip to the Ethiopian – a dramatisation Acts 8:26-40  (Year B, Easter 5) This might be incorporated into a celebration of baptism or the renewal of baptismal vows. Actors/readers:  Philip, Ethiopian, Storyteller (Narrator), Angel, Spirit Complete scripts — ready to download and print (2-sided): Drama, Acts 8, Philip & Ethiopian PDF Drama, […]

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C: Epiphany

Epiphany Season readings and resources for Year C… Click on the link for all  Worship Words Epiphany resources.

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John 1:29-42 Dramatised, Tod Gobledale, UK

for Second Sunday of Epiphany, Year A           Characters: (and starting positions) Narrator  (pulpit or lecturn) John the Baptist    (to side) _____________________________ Andrew, Disciple of John (to side)  ___________________ Disciple of John 2  (to side)__________________ Jesus (at back) _____________________________ Simon Peter  (to a wing) _____________________________   Script   NARRATOR   [at pulpit or […]

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