contemporary liturgy for Progressive Christian

Journey into wonder — Stephen Best, UK

Words of sending forth And now friends, Know that This God who is within, around and beyond, Delights in our probing, Wriggles with joy at our exploring And hugs and holds us as we search for understanding. So let’s always enjoy our journeys into the wonder of God And until we meet again: God bless […]

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Down to the river, Advent Drama — Tod & Ana Gobledale, UK

Mark 1:1-8 Let us look back in time about 2000 years and join a mother working in her kitchen, preparing for the Chanukah holidays.  She worries about her nineteen year old daughter who disappeared leaving chores undone.  Let’s listen in. Mum:         That girl! She knows there is work to be done: floors to sweep, water […]

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Confession, Reign of Christ Sunday — Cara Heafey, UK

Jesus said, “My realm is not of this world.” And yet, we confess, sometimes we still get seduced by the values of empire: wealth and power and glory. Loving God, you see us as we are. You know our secret battles and all the ways in which we fail to live out your call upon […]

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