contemporary prayers

Prayer words

What words do we use when we reach out to the Spirit of Life?  the Source of Peace? Explore these resources to find worship words relevant to you today.  Click on the theme. Candlelight words Children’s prayers Confessional words Creation words Gratitude words Healing words Hopeful words Justice words Love words Meditation words Peace words […]

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G – Prayers for Saturday

Prayers for Today: morning, midday and day’s end by Christina White, UK   Day’s Beginning O God, You have birthed the world And us. You have washed us, Dressed us, Fed us, Set us on our way in the school of life. Give us courage to stand strong, To meet all that comes our way […]

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Justice Words

With words we cry out for justice in our lives and our world. Explore these resources to discover ‘Justice Words’ relevant to your experience and situation.   Newest posts . . . (images link to posts) Alphabetical archive of all ‘Justice Words’ resources . . .      

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