Contemporary psalms for Christian worship

Psalm 19 for Today — Ana Gobledale, UK

Proper 19, Year B 16th Sunday after Pentecost May the utterances of our lips and the very thoughts arising in our hearts be aligned with your will and your way, for you are the solid foundation upon which we stand and find our balance. Our speech and knowledge arise from you, crafted by your love […]

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Psalm 111, My heart swells — Ana Gobledale, UK

My heart swells as I think of all God has done… The brilliance of humanity – diverse and creative The majesty of mountains offering iron and diamonds The towering trees of ancient forests The delight of the ladybird and grasshopper The power of water falling, falling The justice of food for all – abundant crops […]

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Psalm 130 for today – Ana Gobledale, UK

So dark, so cold, so alone. God, where are you? Can you hear me? Where are you? My cries seem to vanish into the air. Do any reach you? I feel the waiting stretch so long. Then like the sun that shines before the dawn, Like the sun that shines below my horizon, Your presence […]

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