The earth needs saving — Lawrence Moore, UK

You promised us the earth and you delivered. You gave us a home – a dwelling of delight; a good place to be. You gave it to us, saying, ‘Here.  This is my gift to you. Live! Make it yours.’ We have made the world in our own image. We have treated it like we […]

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Psalm 139 retold — Cara Heafey, Oxford UK

I made you myself, carefully and lovingly. I gathered your molecules together, Scooping them out of the dust, warming them into clay. I formed you, deftly With the skill and vision of an artist Into a unique creation. A tiny masterpiece. Your contours bear the imprint of my fingers. Your imperfections and irregularities are a […]

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Liturgy for Blessing Gardens and Gardeners

Blessing of seeds, soil, water, gardening tools and gardeners, for use in a springtime service of celebration. Can be used effectively connecting to Earth Day 22 April or in a Rogation Service (sixth Sunday of Eastertide).  Everyone is invited to wear their gardening attire and bring their gardening tools and seeds.  Suggestion: use children and […]

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