David Long-Higgins prayer

Mother God, a prayer — David Long-Higgins, USA

Mothering God, Love me anew into life Bearing the birth Of a new beginning I cannot yet see Nor fully understand Yet know I need. Press into me a pulse Enlivening every deadness Shedding every fear Bearing necessary pain For new beginnings Required for this life You renew to rise. Grant me grace O Mothering […]

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Becoming, a prayer — David Long-Higgins, USA

O Love, Thank-you for silence Rising, resting, holding Heart and mind In sacred submersion Of Spirit beyond my knowing But through which I am known. Gift descending or arising I know not how or why Only that eternity visits In the precious gift of now. Let me receive it Not trying to figure it out […]

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Bend me toward Bethlehem — David Long-Higgins

O Love, Like wise ones of old Bend me toward Bethlehem And every place of birth Where You saturate earth And world with joy Surprising sleepy shepherds Of one kind or another. Wake me from slumbers Of every sort Daring to distract me From Your grand gift Poured again and again Through heavens torn Revealing […]

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