drama about John the Baptist

Down to the river, Advent Drama — Tod & Ana Gobledale, UK

Mark 1:1-8 Let us look back in time about 2000 years and join a mother working in her kitchen, preparing for the Chanukah holidays.  She worries about her nineteen year old daughter who disappeared leaving chores undone.  Let’s listen in. Mum:         That girl! She knows there is work to be done: floors to sweep, water […]

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Luke 3:1-6, Drama: Prepare ye the way — Tod & Ana Gobledale, UK

2nd Sunday of Advent,  Year C Luke 3:1-6 A Whimsical Encounter  — This can serve as the message/sermon. This drama involves two people.  One person starts out as if doing the regular reading of the passage. This might be the worship leader or the Minister, the person designated to “preach.”   The second person arrives […]

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