drama for worship

Doubting Thomas, dramatic reading — Tod Gobledale, UK

John 20: 24-25 (a version for today) When the other disciples tell Thomas that they have seen Jesus, Thomas replies, ‘Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands and put my finger in those very same nail marks, and thrust my hand into his wounded side, I will not believe!’ Let us […]

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John 12:1-8, drama for 5th Sunday of Lent Year C– Ana Gobledale, UK

For 3 readers: Storyteller, Judas, Jesus Storyteller:  In today’s New Testament reading, John presents a struggle between financial care and costly extravagance, between financial management and abundant generosity. Hear anew the story of Mary and Judas at dinner with Jesus in Bethany. I am ready from chapter 12 of John’s Gospel. Six days before the […]

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