Earth Day prayer

World Environment Day Prayer — Ana Gobledale, UK

This prayer incorporates the promises of the World Environment Day Pledge created in Australia in 2007. God, empower me to make a difference. Forgive me for taking travel, convenience and electronics for granted. Grant me the willingness to: boil only the water I need, rather than filling the kettle every time. turn my bio-degradable waste […]

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A Transplant’s eco-confession — Ana Gobledale, Australia

Each of us can do our little part to restore God’s creation to a place of health and wholeness. My neighbours may be a bit aghast at my commitment to return our ‘English’ garden to a sustainable form, a home for indigenous plants that need no extra water, an environment that is content with the […]

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Golden Ball, reflections at sunset–Joyce Dent, UK

My golden ball hangs by a golden yarn From my wood-gold curtain rail; It is half-obscured by the golden drape With its pattern of golden sun-rays. Behind it the fading golden sky Is streaked with the grey of evening clouds. And then I recall that my golden globe Was formed from the glowing white-gold ash […]

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