Eleanor Hubbard

Who is God? — Eleanor Hubbard, USA

For Emalyn (a youth being mentored by Eleanor) I see God skiing in the snow-capped mountains. I see God suffering with the ragged guy begging for help. I see God sharing in the worship services at our church. I see God playing in graphic artistry. I see God enjoying diverse cultures: how they live, work, and […]

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Gabriel’s Greeting, Mary’s monologue — Eleanor Hubbard, USA

Gabriel’s Greeting This dramatic monologue provides a possible perspective of Mary following Gabriel’s visit. I’m a virgin and I’m pregnant. I’m shunned by my family and friends, and I’m engaged to Joseph, who may divorce me. Then some weird guy, tells me I’m favoured. Really, I can do without these favours, thank you very much. […]

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Who is Jesus? — Eleanor Hubbard, Colorado USA

For Emalyn whom Eleanor mentored… Who is Jesus?  A little boy born in a barn in a small village to poor parents. Two thousand, sixteen years ago. I wish I understood how and why he came still influencing billions of people today.   What I do know is that Jesus healed people. Jesus taught, prayed, […]

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