Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost

Psalm 130 for today – Ana Gobledale, UK

So dark, so cold, so alone. God, where are you? Can you hear me? Where are you? My cries seem to vanish into the air. Do any reach you? I feel the waiting stretch so long. Then like the sun that shines before the dawn, Like the sun that shines below my horizon, Your presence […]

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Genesis 45.1-15, Joseph in Egypt, drama

Genesis 45:1-15  (adapted from NRSV) Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers   Full script, ready-to-print: Genesis 45,1-15 Joseph in Egypt – 2 readers PDF Genesis 45,1-15 Joseph in Egypt – 2 readers WORD Narrator:  Today’s Hebrew Bible reading is taken from the book of Genesis presenting the last chapter in the saga of Joseph and his […]

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