First Sunday of Advent

Psalm 122, contemporary versions — Zambia & UK

The first three contemporary versions of Psalm 122, variations on a theme, were written collaboratively by groups of theology and ministry students at the United Church of Zambia University, Mindolo.  The fourth version arises from the United Kingdom. Psalm 122 is a reading for the First Sunday of Advent, Year A. Psalm 122 — arising […]

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Advent Candle 1, Hope — Rex Hunt, Australia

Advent 1 voice 1:  Spontaneous sun voice 2: Generous giver of light, voice 3: Heat and energy… Light first Advent candle voice 4:  We give thanks that throughout this season of hope we are warmed by the signs of hope we see in our world and in our own lives. . OR Advent 1: ‘Earth’ […]

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Advent, time to pray and prune — Angie Brock, USA

Peace be within your walls and quietness within your towers. Psalm 122:7 I think of Advent as a “pray and prune” time –a whole liturgical season in which to weed and prune in order to reset our hearts and souls as we prepare for and make the pilgrimage to the manger. Advent is here. As […]

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