Gerardo Oberman

Matthew 25:1-13, Questions — Gerardo Oberman, Argentina

Questions for the teacher By Gerardo Oberman, Argentina Re-interpretation of Matthew 25:1-13 (the foolish maidens), lection for Proper 27 (usually 23rd Sunday after Pentecost), Year A Translated from Spanish by Katie Fiegenbaum Ready-to-download:  Questions for the teacher PDF Questions for the teacher WORD Perhaps you are asking me, teacher to be numb to the needs […]

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Blessing of the Stars – Gerardo Oberman, Argentina

May the moon that illuminated the night of the shepherds of Bethlehem, embrace your fears and your struggles, renew your yearnings for a good life and your hope in the arrival of peace. May the star that guided those who migrated from distant lands guide your searches and lead you always to the entrust with […]

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Affirmation of Faith for Complex Times – Red Crearte, Argentina

We believe in divine tenderness, which is no stranger to our anxieties, which is generously supportive in Jesus of Nazareth, a tireless walker to the directions that herald Life. We affirm our faith and renew our hopes in times of uncertainty, isolation, sickness and death, because we have heard the proclamation of those who have […]

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