Holocaust Remembrance Day

We remember – the erasing of populations

This litany of remembrance and confession arises from an Armenian Genocide Remembrance Service in Dublin, Ireland.  Each year, sadly, current cases of  ethnic or racial cleansing and other atrocities are added. In our Modern Time…is it forgotten? Will the horrors of human devastation ever lead to peace? We persist in remembering, lest we forget.  We […]

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Holocaust Memorial Day, Yom HaShoah — 27 January

…lest we forget Observances around the World Different countries observe Holocaust Memorial Day on different days. Many countries have adopted 27 January, the date designated by the United Nations as International Holocaust Memorial Day. Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration and death camp, was liberated by Soviet troops on 27 January in 1945. The UK has adopted this date, […]

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