inclusive Christian lyrics

Come to the table (communion hymn) — Stephen Best, Wales UK

Tune: Assurance Come voice your struggles, come shed your tears, Come calm your anger, come lose your fears. Here we encounter the Living Lord Through bread that’s broken, in wine that’s poured Refrain: Come to the table, join in the song, This is the place where all shall belong. Voices in chorus, seeking Christ’s […]

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We find ourselves between two worlds (hymn) — Stephen Best, UK

Tune: Gonfalon Royal Originally written for Stephen’s ordination service.   We find ourselves between two worlds, In one we live, for one we hope To risk their fusion is our call, Achieved through love, which welcomes all. Achieved through love, which welcomes all, Which bends and breaks and mends again, The source of all; and […]

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Words Matter

God speaks the universe into creation. Words of kindness create goodness; words of cruelty create hurt. Our words matter. Jump to… Creative and Refreshing liturgy for today’s church Liberated Liturgy “Creative and Refreshing liturgy for today’s church “Creative and Refreshing liturgy for today’s church…” How does the progressive twenty-first century minister or worship leader find inspiring authentic, grounded […]

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