inclusive language in prayer

Bend me toward Bethlehem — David Long-Higgins

O Love, Like wise ones of old Bend me toward Bethlehem And every place of birth Where You saturate earth And world with joy Surprising sleepy shepherds Of one kind or another. Wake me from slumbers Of every sort Daring to distract me From Your grand gift Poured again and again Through heavens torn Revealing […]

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Experimenting with the Jesus Prayer — Ana Gobledale, UK

My family and I have experimented with the Jesus Prayer, the Lord’s Prayer. By removing gender-orientation and limiting phrases and inserting words that ring with meaning and truth for today, this prayer has remained a pillar of my faith practice. In the 1980’s saying nightly prayers with my children,  we replaced “Our Father” with “Almighty God.”  Today, with […]

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