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Autumn Words

What words reflect the orange glow of an autumn sunset the heavy grain and succulant fruit the sorrow of scarcity when crops fail A time of thanksgiving A time of sharing Worship words resources for Harvest celebrations:  

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Alleluia, an Easter prayer — Christian Aid, UK

A worship resource from Christian Aid UK Christ our life, You are alive in the beauty of the earth, In the rhythm of the seasons, In the mystery of time and space, Alleluia. Christ our life, You are alive in the tenderness of touch, In the heartbeat of intimacy, In the insights of solitude, Alleluia. Christ […]

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Now Comes the Brighter Day — Bob Hill, Missouri, USA

For Christmas Day or Epiphany Ready-to-print download:   Now Comes the Brighter Day. – Bob Hill    Now comes the brighter day so wanted, needed now, reminding all that dark is stalled when love comes home to stay.   Now comes the brighter ray, a beam for all to show, a flame of fame, no one […]

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