inclusive liturgy

Words Matter

God speaks the universe into creation. Words of kindness create goodness; words of cruelty create hurt. Our words matter. Jump to… Creative and Refreshing liturgy for today’s church Liberated Liturgy “Creative and Refreshing liturgy for today’s church “Creative and Refreshing liturgy for today’s church…” How does the progressive twenty-first century minister or worship leader find inspiring authentic, grounded […]

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Taking the next step in Inclusive Language — Pamela Payne Allen, USA

Pamela Payne Allen wrote the article, “Taking the next step in Inclusive Language” for The Christian Century in 1986.  This was in the same period that the hymn writers,Brian Wren and Frank Birch Brown, were introducing our congregations to fully inclusive lyrics. Thirty years later, with the majority of our churches continuing to use male-dominated […]

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Praise God in Colour!, Children’s Message — Tod Gobledale, UK

23rd Sunday after Pentecost, Year B Children’s Conversation and Prayer Mark 10:46-52 Hold up cards of different colours, one at a time. Ask:  What can you name that is… [the colour of the card being held up]  orange/red/purple/etc? Thank you God for the colour orange/red/purple/etc and everything that is orange/red/purple/etc. God created our eyes to […]

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