invitation and dedication of offering

Joyful giving

Invitation The Eternal One has given us all that is good, right and true.  What a joy to share these gifts with one another in the life of this community and far beyond our own reach.  In this offering, we return to God a token of our wealth in gratitude for all we have received.  […]

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Church Anniversary Call to Give — UK

We are the church together, each of us an important part, sharing in the responsibility to reach out to those in need, to keep the building in good condition, and to pay the running costs. As we consider what to give this morning, on our church’s anniversary, we reflect on what this church, this congregation, […]

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Time of Giving — UK

Invitation God has blessed us with so many good things.  May we respond to God’s generosity with generous gifts of our own to support the ministry and mission of this churh and the work of Christ’s church in our city, that all people may experience the joy of abundance, unity and justice. Dedication Gracious God, […]

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