invitation to give

Church Anniversary Call to Give — UK

We are the church together, each of us an important part, sharing in the responsibility to reach out to those in need, to keep the building in good condition, and to pay the running costs. As we consider what to give this morning, on our church’s anniversary, we reflect on what this church, this congregation, […]

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Dedication of offering — UK

Invitation to give. God is generous. Created in God’s image, we have been blessed with generous spirits. Our gifts, arising from that wellspring of generosity, will be used for the work and mission of the church. Dedication of gifts Generous God, thank you for all the gifts you have bestowed upon us, for your persistence, […]

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Offering/Stewardship words

What words accompany our gifts? Words about our finances? Our talents? Our lives? Why we give? Words that call us to generosity and selflessness? Giver of all things, provide the words we need.

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