John 11:1-45

Burial Bandages, a confession — Earl Roberts, USA

A Prayer of Confession inspired by John 11:1-45  We confess that we do not always want our lives restored or renewed. Speaking truth to the things and the people who bind us is very scary. Our ‘burial bandages’ not only bind us tightly, but they also keep us thinking we are secure, hidden away in […]

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Breath of Life, hear our prayer: intercessions (Lent 5 Year A)

Prayers of Intercession arising from  Ezekiel 37:1–14  Valley of dry bones John 11:1-45        Resurrection of Lazarus Click here for a ready-to-print Word document:  Breath of Life – Prayers of Intercession, Lent 5 Year A Join me in a moment of silence to reflect on those things in your life that feel lifeless. […]

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