John Potter photographer

Let there be light, Watched Word -- John Potter, UK

Psalm 19 Renewed — Duncan Wilson, UK

For a single voice or responsive reading The heavens are telling us about God’s glory! the whole universe shows us God’s handiwork. One day tells it to another, and night by night repeats it to the next and this without using words or signs or the sound of any voice. Yet their message has gone […]

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Peace, Watched Word by John Potter, UK

Do you bring peace?, hymn — Sam Goodman, UK

Tune: Williams, ‘Yes God is good’ Do you bring peace, will your peace last? Do you bring justice to this place? Do you bring hope when all is lost? Do we respond and share your grace? Do you plant seeds on barren land? Do you bring wine to quench our thirst? Do you speak words […]

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Wonderfully made, a Watched Word by John Potter UK

Watched Words

Blending words with images, John Potter of the UK uses his own photographs to create ‘Watched Words’ compositions.  These were originally produced to be projected as people gather for worship.    

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