Joyce Dent

Golden Ball, reflections at sunset–Joyce Dent, UK

My golden ball hangs by a golden yarn From my wood-gold curtain rail; It is half-obscured by the golden drape With its pattern of golden sun-rays. Behind it the fading golden sky Is streaked with the grey of evening clouds. And then I recall that my golden globe Was formed from the glowing white-gold ash […]

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Our Pentecost — Joyce Dent, UK

Pentecost came once – long long, so long ago! What can it mean to us but to inspire perhaps? And yet could it be so that we might know the fire upon our heads and in our souls? Our lives might yet be changed beyond out wildest dreams – or fears? For we might have […]

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Tinged with Greed — Joyce Dent, Hampshire UK

Creator of the Universe, Lover of all that you make, We thank you for this marvellous world Which you have given us for our home. Help us to show our gratitude As much by our lives as by our words. We acknowledge that so often Our best efforts are tinged with greed, The desire for […]

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