Liturgy for today

Words Matter

God speaks the universe into creation. Words of kindness create goodness; words of cruelty create hurt. Our words matter. Jump to… Creative and Refreshing liturgy for today’s church Liberated Liturgy “Creative and Refreshing liturgy for today’s church “Creative and Refreshing liturgy for today’s church…” How does the progressive twenty-first century minister or worship leader find inspiring authentic, grounded […]

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Call to Worship

Welcome! Come! Gather! What words do we use to call people together for worship? Newest ‘Call to Worship’ posts . . . (images link to posts) Alphabetical archive of all ‘Call to Worship’ resources . . .  

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Memorial Day (USA)

What words do we use to express our grief over those lost in war? How do we honour those who served their country by giving their lives? How do we speak of those killed by those we love? What words might we use to grant meaning to deaths due to violence and war which often, […]

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