Loren McGrail

Prayers for our world — Loren McGrail, USA

We celebrate, Creator God this diverse world you have created— its lands and its peoples. We give thanks for your gift of trust in us to preserve, conserve, and take care of it and offer all the hospitality you have already given us. We lift up your co-workers serving in areas of need. We are […]

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Palm Sunday Prayer — Loren McGrail, Israel/Palestine

Matthew 21:1-11 Blessed is the one that weeps for us and with us when we have lost our way. Blessed is the one that comes towards us in majesty and humbleness down that ancient twisted path straight into our gated cities, locked up hearts. Blessed is the one that hears our shouts of joy then […]

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Holy Week Challenge & Prayer — Loren McGrail, Israel/Palestine

Prayed at Saint Andrews Scots Memorial Church in Jerusalem Setting the scene When Jesus came into Jerusalem for that last supper the crowds were singing and dancing. Palms were waved and coats were tossed on the ground—all for the victorious One. Hosanna in the highest. No matter that he came on a donkey instead of […]

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