Merryl Blair prayer

Psalm 48, Longing for Justice — Merryl Blair, Australia

Inspired by Psalm 48 Pentecost 7, Year B Our God, we come to you in longing. We have a deep desire for justice: in our international policies, in our local politics, and in our personal relationships. We long for leaders with vision, leaders who place common good above political gain, who look beyond the next […]

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Psalm 98, a Collect — Merryl Blair, Australia

  Inspired by Psalm 98 Easter 6, Year B     God of shalom, who holds all things in wonderful balance, we come before you in joyful, noisy praise! Our voices join the songs of birds, the grunts and snorts of animals, the roar of the sea, the rush of the wind through the trees, […]

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