modern hymns for progressive Christians

Communion table, Warren Lynn, USA

Gather us, World Communion hymn – Sam Goodman, UK

Celebrating World Communion Sunday, first Sunday of October Tune: Abbot’s Leigh (Glorious things of thee are spoken) Inspired by morning worship at Abbots Road United Reformed Church, Leicester Gather us, let your spirit move us Breathe love so it inhabits our hearts Where you meet us, we feel encouraged When you lead us, our new […]

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I dream of a church, hymn — Kevin Snyman, UK

Tune: Bard of Armagh (Streets of Laredo) I dream of a church that joins in with God’s vision Of a people who live without counting the cost; She trusts in the Spirit of Christ Jesus’ mission Lifts up the oppressed with Good News for the lost. I dream of a church that joins in with […]

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