names for God beyond the traditional

Holy Darkness, Hold Us — Amanda Udis-Kessler, USA

This could be read by numerous readers (perhaps passing it around a circle) or in the traditional one/many responsive reading style.  It might be used for a nightime reading with a child or with a group out under the summer stars. One: Holy darkness, hold us. Many: Gentle darkness, soothe us. One: Peaceful darkness, heal […]

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To You — Jim Burklo, USA

with homage to Rumi, the Sufi poet You, the pollen on the bee’s leg That made my flower a pomegranate, You, the haze of yeast on the grapes That made the wine That inebriated Shams of Tabriz, You, who made the clay birds fly, You, who cleansed the soul of ‘I’. You, the reason that […]

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