names for God

Psalm 112, Gathering Words — Ana Gobledale, UK

Adapted from Psalm 112:1-10, Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, Year A Praise the Biggest of the Big!* Happy are those who fear the Eternal One, who greatly delight in the divine commandments. They are gracious, merciful, and just. They rise in the darkness as a light for others. *Nkulunkulu, ‘the biggest of the big’ – Ndebele […]

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The Shekhinah, the Divine feminine — Jill Hammer

‘Where can we find a powerful image of the Divine feminine within Jewish sources? One name for Her which has been with us for centuries is the Shekhinah, the ‘dweller within.’ — Rabbi Jill Hammer A Prayer to the Shekhinah                                […]

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