Nativity drama

Animal Nativity with knock-knock jokes & talking animals — UK

A Cat, Rat, Mouse and Spider bring the nativity story to life as they meet Mary, the Innkeeper, Shepherds, an Angel and the Magi. Full of knock-knock jokes, carols and talking animals, the Joyful Animals’ Nativity is a delightful Christmas nativity drama ready for you to use.   Download ready-to-print scripts: PDF Joyful Animal Nativity script […]

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Joseph friends Mary on Facebook — an Advent video

What would Joseph and Mary have written to each other on Facebook?  A modern media conversation from an ancient story…enjoy ‘A social media Christmas.’  Might these be ‘worship words’ for a church screen?  The images are white-Anglo, so creating a diverse portrayal may be desirable. “Bright idea: tip for using with youth… Now…watch this with […]

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