New words to old tunes

From where I stand, hymn — Sam Goodman, UK

Tune: In Christ alone You are my rock, safe and secure All that I treasure comes from you When other fade, you will endure Your promises are always true Chorus From where I stand, from what I know You are my strength, you are my guide Wherever I am called to go Your love will […]

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In Praise of Doubt (hymn) – George Stuart

Year C Easter 2 Reading: John 20:19-31, particularly verses 19-29. Not specifically on the reading but on the general issue of doubt Tune: Forest Green In Praise of Doubt Some people say, ‘To doubt is wrong’ We should not doubt at all; To question our beliefs, they say Could bring about our fall; But doubt […]

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Singing a New Song – George Stuart, Australia

George Stuart has written singable hymns with grounded, authentic and original lyrics set to traditional and familiar tunes. He, graciously, has made his work available free on line.  Click here for his website. ‘Love them. Cute songs for our little kids, too.’ – Comment from a worship leader His “Singing a New Song” series includes […]

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