Ordination hymn

Come now, ordination hymn — Nathan Nettleton, Australia

Come now, O Creator Spirit, come, our hearts and souls inspire Raise up your church, baptised in water and with fire. So each may take their place, Sharing your love and grace, Sent forth, guided ever by the cross, to serve as you desire. 2.Come now, in the laying on of hands, your servants to […]

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Love alone, hymn — Stephen Best, Wales UK

This hymn of love was included in Stephen’s ordination and induction services. It might be used at a wedding or any service including 1 Corinthians 13. Tune: Blaenwern Any words which I may utter, Without love to reach their goal, Are no more than clashing cymbals, Empty gongs without a soul. Though I conjure future […]

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We find ourselves between two worlds (hymn) — Stephen Best, UK

Tune: Gonfalon Royal Originally written for Stephen’s ordination service.   We find ourselves between two worlds, In one we live, for one we hope To risk their fusion is our call, Achieved through love, which welcomes all. Achieved through love, which welcomes all, Which bends and breaks and mends again, The source of all; and […]

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