Palm Sunday

Holy Week

What words express the anguish, the grief, the horror? The surprise, the joy, the ecstasy? What words connect us today to eye witnesses, to friends, to family? What words explain the collision of earth and divine? What words express the Passion journey through Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Cross (Good) Friday and into Resurrection Day? Worship […]

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Matthew 21:1-11, Palm Sunday drama

The original script has been adapted by Ana Gobledale, UK, with permission from the author, Ron VandenBurg, Canada* The drama can stand alone. Optionally, one might add the bookends of an introduction and conclusion to provide an entire message/sermon.  Click here to preview these bookending items, or scroll down the screen. Cast — six characters […]

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Passion/Palm Sunday

What words express the hope, the anticipation, the surge of the excited crowd? What words fill the air of our worship centres?  filling the hollows of the week ahead? How do we express the shadow looming?  the darkness beneath the palms? Songs for Palm/Passion Sunday: Dramas for Palm/Passion Sunday: Worship Words resources for Palm/Passion Sunday: […]

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