pastoral prayer

Prayer of Confession — Ana Gobledale, UK

Merciful God, we approach you asking for forgiveness, For healing and reconciliation To once again feel the power of your Love. As individuals and as a nation we have tempted fate. We have stretched our grasp with greed. We have protected our privacy with isolationism. We have ravaged your creation with entitlement. Forgive us. As […]

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Gathering Prayer, Mark 13

Written in response to Mark 13:1-2, using elements of a prayer by Louise Gough. For The 26th Week of Pentecost (Proper 28) Loving God, who summoned the world into being, moulded the mountains, bathed the earth in colour and light, and breathed into us the Spirit of life, we gather in your church, your temple, […]

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Prayers of Intercession, Pentecost 17 — Ana Gobledale, UK

for Pentecost 17, Year C As people of faith, we accept our interconnectedness with all people, and all creation.  And so we unite our hearts in prayer for those in need.  Let us draw near to the divine and to one another through our prayers of intercession.  There is a responsive line at the end […]

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