Pentecost 3

Psalm 138 adapted — Duncan Wilson, UK

Praise from the heart: psalms  framed and phrased for church worship Pentecost 12 Year A Pentecost 3 Year B I am praising you, our God, with all my being. When I called for help, you answered me, you gave strength and courage. However high and exalted you may be, still you care for ordinary people. […]

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Luke 9:51-62 dramatised

Luke 9:51-62 – a drama to use in worship For Third Sunday after Pentecost Year C Translation by Rex Hunt, Australia (Read more about Rex Hunt at end of post.) Actors: Jesus, Narrator, James/John, Followers 1,2,3 Script ready-to-use — download here: Luke 9,51-62 drama 6 readers PDF Luke 9,51-62 drama 6 readers WORD Script Narrator: […]

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