personal devotion

Striving, a prayer for today — Lynne Roberts, Australia

Loving, embracing Spirit We strive and we fall often, straight into the safety net of your compassionate embrace. We pick ourselves up and try again, secure in the knowledge that you will always be there for us, and that we are so much more than our successes and failures. Help us to learn from our […]

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Prayers for Today — Christina White, UK

Day’s Beginning O God, You have birthed the world And us. You have washed us, Dressed us, Fed us, Set us on our way in the school of life. Give us courage to stand strong, To meet all that comes our way with kindness, Learn from all with an open heart, And remember always That […]

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Where do you live God? — Ana Gobledale, UK

Where do you live, God? Where can I find you abiding? I find you in moments of awe – breathing in the odor of lavender I find you in moments of wonder – looking across the icy waters toward the snow-covered hills I find you in moments of anxiety—lighting the flame of a devotional candle […]

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