Prayer for peace

River of Life, David Long-Higgins, USA

River of Life, Press your being anew Into the war-torn fabric Of a world gone mad With violence unspeakable Calling forth necessary lament Tearing open the heart For a healing only possible With your grace alone. Let no paralysis of the past Prevent your promised future From taking up residence In our hearts, minds, and […]

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Peace sign at Salisbury United Reformed Church, Ana Gobledale

Peace prayer – Phil Porter, USA

Creator God, you who knows us to our very core, Who can see where we ache and where we delight, Who sings lullabies to the tender places in our hearts, Who understands our struggles and our insecurities, You who can spin the worlds and still hear our quiet prayers, Who will stop for the wounded […]

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Peace on Earth, an Advent Prayer — Allen Myrick, USA

Peace on earth, good will toward all. — Luke 2:14 The Dayspring from on high hath visited us…to guide our feet into the way of peace. — Luke 1:78-79 ‘Peace on earth,’ the angels sang. We sing it too, in carols, oratorios. We talk of peace, put it on bumper stickers, print it on Christmas […]

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Peace, Watched Word by John Potter, UK

Prayer for peace & illumination — Ana & Tod Gobledale, UK

Dearest Friend, gentle spirit, breath of live, source of our being, from the peacefulness of silence, the silence that preceded Creation, your speaking entered the void and light burst forth. Our hearts are filled with gratitude that your speaking extends to us today, that your light illuminates our world and our lives. Even as we […]

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Prayer for Peace — Hereford Cathedral, UK

O God, you would fold both heaven and earth in a single peace: let the design of your great love shine upon the waste of our wraths and sorrows; and give peace to your church, peace among nations, peace in our homes, and peace in our hearts.  

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Growing peace — Steve Garnaas-Holmes, USA

Let me stand before enemies with love prepared to break soil, to prune branches to do the hard work of growing peace For I will need stout tools to work this rough land well, to bring fruits of justice out of rocky earth, to tend the muscular trees of mercy. Steve Garnaas-Holmes serves in ministry […]

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