Prayer for refugees and asylum seekers

World Refugee Day Call to Worship – Church World Service, USA

To download an illustrated worship page for World Refugee Day (20 June), visit the Church World Service website. LEADER: We give praise to our God who gathers us as one people. PEOPLE: We delight in our God who has mercy upon us. LEADER: We seek to be one with refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants. PEOPLE: […]

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Prayer for Refugees — United Church of Canada

Prayers of the people, with response & song, including the lighting of 5 candles We pray for the countries and regions that have hosted refugees. Knowing that refugee camps can be overcrowded, we pray for the continued safety of the camps and offer our thanks to those who work toward providing the basics of shelter, […]

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Prayer for Nakba Day — Rabbi Brant Rosen

Le’el she’chafetz teshuvah, to the One who desires return: Receive with the fulness of your mercy the hopes and prayers of those who were uprooted, dispossessed and expelled from their homes during the devastation of the Nakba. Sanctify for tov u’veracha, for goodness and blessing, the memory of those who were killed in Lydda, in Haifa, in Beisan, in Deir […]

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