prayers for Progressive Christians

Psalm 107 Prayer — Merryl Blair, Australia

Intercessory Prayer inspired by Psalm 107 Lent 4, Year B We bring our thanks to you, our God, for the faithful love that is always present with us. We look back at the times when we have been held by your love, gathered from isolation and disintegration, and brought into your reconciling grace. In the […]

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Comforting Words

What words express comfort and care? How do we articulate comfort in the face of illness and death? In the face of a pandemic? In the face of suffering? Newest posts . . . (images link to posts) Alphabetical archive of all ‘Comforting Words’ resources . . .

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Litany of the Circle — Tom Hanson and Loretta Whalen (adapted)

May be read responsively by many voices or with two voices. One:    Every part of this earth is sacred, Every shining pine needle, every sandy shore. Every mist in the dark woods, All: Every clearing and humming insect is holy. One:    The rocky crest, the juices of the meadow, the beasts and all the people, […]

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