progressive prayer

Romans 12:9-21, a prayer — Ana Gobledale, UK

Proper 17 13th Sunday after Pentecost – Year A Paul makes it sound so easy. Just be sincere, determined, altruistic. Yet we find ourselves hesitant, shifty, unreliable, selfish. Just be zealous, hopeful, patient. Yet we feel tired, desperate, anxious. Just be generous, hospitable, harmonious. Yet we find ourselves hoarding, isolating, discordant. We want to make […]

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Exodus 17:1-7; Psalm 95, a prayer — Ana Gobledale, UK

3rd Sunday of Lent, Year A 19 March 2017     God, are you with us? We seek assurance.   Like the Israelites at Massah we desire proof. Like the people of Meribah we ache for assurance beyond words, Something we can see and touch. Forgive our testiness and fickle faith. Renew our commitment to […]

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