same sex wedding ceremony

Universal wedding service, for any two people

Written and compiled by Ana & Tod Gobledale, UK Universal Wedding Service (ready-to-print) PDF Universal Wedding Service (ready-to-print) WORD   Weddings are for everyone! Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, straight, queer, intersex, heterosexual, women, men, non-church goers, people blending religious traditions, infertile people… weddings are for everyone in love and ready to commit! Wedding services/celebrations can provide a […]

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Wedding for two women, Tod Gobledale USA

This wedding ceremony united two women in holy matrimony, declaring them married in the eyes of God and their families. It preceded the legalization of same-sex-marriage in the USA. I was serving a United Church of Christ congregation in the Seattle area in 2009 when I officiated at this wedding ceremony. Of the two parties […]

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