statement of faith

I think without creeds — Gerardo Oberman, Argentina

A Statement of Faith (translated from the Spanish) I believe in the God who fired the first sun, who made life beat and who made it beautifully diverse, who went out to play, naked, through the gardens of the universe without fear of time, smiling, greeting the breeze. I believe in a God who befriended […]

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By your side — Chris Roe, UK

By your side There is peace, A quiet place Of beauty and realisation, Where wisdom Seeks reason and understanding, Where myth is laid to rest By the reality of knowledge. By your side There is hope, That arrogance and greed Will not destroy, That selfless love Will prevail. By your side Life is sacred, A […]

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Who is God? — Eleanor Hubbard, USA

For Emalyn (a youth being mentored by Eleanor) I see God skiing in the snow-capped mountains. I see God suffering with the ragged guy begging for help. I see God sharing in the worship services at our church. I see God playing in graphic artistry. I see God enjoying diverse cultures: how they live, work, and […]

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