Third Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 138 Praise — Duncan Wilson, UK

Praise from the heart: psalms  framed and phrased for church worship Proper 16 (usually Pentecost 12) Year A Pentecost 3 Year B Epiphany 5 Year C I am praising you, our God, with all my being. When I called for help, you answered me, you gave strength and courage. However high and exalted you may […]

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Psalm 138, Call to Worship — Ana Gobledale, UK

Give thanks to God! Celebrate God’s steadfast love and faithfulness. Sing of the ways of God, for God is magnificent! (or select a more traditional last line:  for great is the glory of God!) Psalm 138 is a Common Lectionary reading on the 12th Sunday of Pentecost (Proper 16) in Year A, and 3rd Sunday […]

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Psalm 30, Call to Worship – Ana Gobledale, UK

Third Sunday after Pentecost, Year C Call to Worship (inspired by Psalm 30:4-5) A responsive reading Sing praises to the Eternal One. Today we praise the sacred with enthusiasm. Rejoice in the morning light. We rejoice in the never-ending love of God. Sadness and anger have darkened our paths. Yet in the light of hope we […]

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