third Sunday of Lent

Let there be light, Watched Word -- John Potter, UK

Psalm 19 Renewed — Duncan Wilson, UK

For a single voice or responsive reading The heavens are telling us about God’s glory! the whole universe shows us God’s handiwork. One day tells it to another, and night by night repeats it to the next and this without using words or signs or the sound of any voice. Yet their message has gone […]

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The Ten Amendments — Jim Burklo, USA

Exodus 20:1-17 Jim writes… ‘The ten commandments endure as a foundation for morality, after thousands of years. But just like other guiding/governing documents, from time to time we need to add amendments to them. The ten commandments are a short list, and that is a very good thing. They mostly tell us what not to […]

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Exodus 20 Prayer — Merryl Blair, Australia

Inspired by Exodus 20.1-17 Third Sunday of Lent, Year B Our God, you are always creating. It is easy to see and to praise the wonders of nature, perhaps not so easy to see and praise the wonders of complicated human relationships. Help us to see your glory in the face of all people we […]

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Psalm 95, Call to Worship — Ana Gobledale, UK

Inspired by Psalm 95, verses 1-2 Reading for Third Sunday of Lent, Year A, and 25th Sunday of Pentecost, Year A Sing for joy! Shout aloud in thanksgiving for the permanence of the Eternal One. Stand firm in faith, grateful for our unshakable foundation. Give thanks with music and song.

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