Trinity Sunday

Now there’s the Three of us – Duncan Wilson, UK

Thoughts on ‘Trinity Sunday’ ‘God, I’m lonely,’ God thought, Where’s the point of a void? ‘I’ll make me a world – hold that – a universe – full of wonders, creatures to keep me company, to enjoy each other – to enjoy me.’ And God did. Life abundant. Night and day, God made, flower and […]

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Trinity of Love, prayer — Louise Gough, UK

Loving God who conceived life, originates ingenuity, embraces individuality, welcomes everyone, celebrates diversity, encourages unity, offers serenity, gifts simplicity, lavishes compassion, we worship you! Living Jesus who breathes our air, walks our streets, feels our pain, sheds tears, enjoys company, bubbles with laughter, holds our hands, we worship you! Gentle Spirit who strengthens fragile spirits, […]

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Spirit of Unity, hear our prayer — Ana Gobledale, UK

A prayer for our church, community and world, originally written for Trinity Sunday     Spirit of Unity,    hear our prayer. We pray for your Church in all its many forms and manifestations: for the churches in our neighbourhood; For [church name], [church name] and our own church, [church name], We pray for those […]

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