Universal wedding service

Universal wedding ceremony, for any two people

Written and compiled by Ana & Tod Gobledale, UK Universal Wedding Service (ready-to-print) PDF Universal Wedding Service (ready-to-print) WORD   Weddings are for everyone! Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, straight, queer, intersex, heterosexual, women, men, non-church goers, people blending religious traditions, infertile people… weddings are for everyone in love and ready to commit! Wedding services/celebrations can provide a […]

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Mary & Jane’s Wedding, a complete service — Tod & Ana Gobledale, UK

This wedding was held in Washington State, USA, soon after same-sex marriage became legal.  The couple had been waiting for more than a decade. The names have been changed.   Outline of Service Welcome Prayer Scripture Reading Purpose of Marriage Words of Intention – lawfully free & willing to create this “intentional family” Sharing: a […]

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