words for worship and the climate crisis

Climate Kairos is now! — Ana Gobledale, UK

The Climate Kairos passed. The crisis is now! We must act to restore God’s creation to a place of health and wholeness. Is it too late to make a difference? Can we fix the damage done? God, hear our prayer and spurn us into radical action. We have acted out of self-serving ignorance and frightening […]

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Litany of Hope for Earth Day — Eco-Justice Ministries, USA

This litany was first used at an ecumenical Earth Day service in Denver, Colorado USA, sponsored by Eco-Justice Ministries and the Colorado Council of Churches. (slightly adapted for inclusive language) Biblical references include:  Lamentations 1:20 (Holy Week), Psalms 5:1 (Sixth Sunday of Pentecost, Year C), Psalms 31:14-15 (Holy Week), 25, Psalms 71:14 (Holy Week), Romans 15:13 (Second Sunday of […]

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