words of prayer

Prayer for understanding — John Pritchard, UK

Living God, daily you create the world, remake it, and fill it with possibilities. When it comes to faith, help us to appreciate what we understand, to enquire about what we don’t understand, and to enjoy the journey in between… by John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford; from a Living Faith pamphlet entitled, ‘Christianity: a simple […]

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Spirit of Unity, hear our prayer — Ana Gobledale, UK

A prayer for our church, community and world, originally written for Trinity Sunday     Spirit of Unity,    hear our prayer. We pray for your Church in all its many forms and manifestations: for the churches in our neighbourhood; For [church name], [church name] and our own church, [church name], We pray for those […]

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Where do you live God? — Ana Gobledale, UK

Where do you live, God? Where can I find you abiding? I find you in moments of awe – breathing in the odor of lavender I find you in moments of wonder – looking across the icy waters toward the snow-covered hills I find you in moments of anxiety—lighting the flame of a devotional candle […]

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